EzKlean Sensor Clean Swab

EzKlean Tech Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and designer of all kinds of sensor clean swabs, we can supply full series of sensor clean swabs, such as mini swab, M4/3 swab, APS-C swab, APS-H swab, Full Frame swab, Medium Format swab etc.

We keep inventing new swabs for latest dSLRs.

Besides, we could make sensor clean swabs under customers brand names and trade marks.


Extreamly Soft Micorfiber Fabric

EzKlean swabs use extreamly soft micorfiber fabric, which is ideal for nonabrasive cleaning and handling of delicate optical-grade components such as coated lenses & sensors.


Feature of EzKlean Swab

7 Colors for 7 kinds of swabs with patented design

Thicker and longer handle for friendly handling

Ultra-soft microfiber swab head well protect the sensor


K5 Lens & Sensor Clean Solution

EzKlean can supply K5 Lens & Sensor Clean Solution to use with EzKlean swabs.

K5 solution has special ingredients with no harm to the human, which is quite different from any other brands.

Model: K5

Volume: 5ml / bottle

Price: US$4.9 / bottle



Package: 12pcs/box

Price: US$24.9/box



Buy any one of EzKlean Filter, could get one Free box of EzKlean Swab, worth US$24.9



US$29.8 for 1 box (12pcs) of swab + 1 bottle (5ml) K5 solution

US$49.9 for 2 boxes (24pcs) of swab + 2 bottles (5ml x 2) K5 solution