EzKlean Protective Filter

Product Highlights:

- 1.1mm thick, Ultra Thin High-Grade Glass

- Double-sided Water-resistant Coating

- Double-sided Multi-layered Wide-range Coating

- 98%-99% extreamly high transmission

- No Color Affection


Extreamly High Transmission

Due to Advanced Multi-layered Wide-range Coating Technology, the EzKlean Protective filter has extreamly high transmission about 98%-99%


EzKlean PRT VS other PRT


Protective Filter

Protective filters help to reduce dust and moisture from reaching your front lens element and provide additional protection in case of drops or situations where scratching could occur.


Protective Filter & UV Filter

Some brands take Protective filter as UV filter, acturally that's not precisely.

Below is the diagram of UV filter. The UV filters have 3 common types, L37, L39 and L41, which means they could intercept/absorb the light within a certain wavelength, such as 370nm, 390nm, and 410nm.

As the Image Sensor of dSLR is not sensitive to Ultraviolet Light, for now the Protective Filters widely take place of UV filters.



Buy any one of EzKlean Filter, could get one Free box of EzKlean Swab, worth US$24.9

Available on Official Online Store only!



EzKlean could make special filters for individual customer, for example, GND4"x6", 0.75 STOP, 0.45 STOP etc, if you have any reqirements, please feel free to contact us.