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Real Detox Products - Passing the most important drug test of your career

Are you tired of passing up that killer job because your afraid of failing your drug test?
Isn't it about time to do something about it. Sometimes Passing a Drug Test is all that stands between you and your dream job and your families financial security. Our Detox Products will allow you to pass any type test. Just let us know what your up against. We have many ways to pass saliva, urine, blood or hair tests and we will help you to select the best product for your situation.

About our Company

We have been in the business of helping people get jobs by making Industry approved Health Food Products since 1993.

Do you want to know how to detox to prevent the detection of illegal substances in your system so you pass a drug test? Then give us a try.


Permanent Cleansing

You can "Truly Cleanse" your system of all unwanted toxins and drug metabolites permanently.
Beat any Drug Test with the our Total Body Detox System. "4 Day TOTAL BODY CLEANSING DETOX PROGRAM" that really works and is fully Guaranteed to Pass a Drug Test.
Same Day for Urine and Blood
Quick Flush Tea
Pass any urine, Marijuana test
90 Minutes to do it
Clean for 5 Hours
99.95% Success rate

Quick Flush Capsules
Passing urine, blood test
90 Minutes to do it
Clean for 5 Hour
99.9% Success rate

Carbo Drink
Pass urine and marijuana (thc) drug tests
One hour before
Clean for 5 Hours
99.9% Success rate

Urine Additive
Pass urine drug tests for any substance
Pour it in the cup
Take a piss
99.9% Success rate

For Hair, Saliva and Synthetic

Toxin Hair Shampoo
For hair drug testing
Takes about an hour to do
Clean for up to 8 Hours
99.99% Success rate for THC

Magnum Synthetic Urine
Pass any urine drug test
Pour it in the cup
% Success rate

Saliva Mouth Wash
Detox for a Saliva Drug Test
Just follow the directions
2 Year shelf life
100% Success Rate

Detox Foot Pads
Detox While you Sleep
Used in Asia for Centuries

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Ways to Pass a hair, urine, saliva, blood, marijuana drug test

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