EzKlean Deluxe All in One Kit US$747 for All !


Kit Highlights:

- Buy 30 boxes of Swabs (7 sizes available, any size assortment), US$747

- Get free Filters and Sensor Clean Products

- Up to 60% OFF

- Worldwide Free Shipping by Fedex / UPS / DHL / TNT



Deluxe Kit Detail, Save US$1116, FREE!


EzKlean Filter Size Available, choose 1 size only Quantity 
Protective Filter M82, M77, M72, M67, M62, M58, M55, M52, M40.5 1
CPL Filter M82, M77, M72, M67, M62, M58, M55, M52, M40.5, M37 1
Variable ND2-400 Filter M77, M67 1
ND filter ND4 (0.6) M77, M67, M58 1
ND filter ND8 (0.9) M77, M67, M58 1
ND filter ND50 (1.8) M77, M67, M58 1
Close-Up Lens M77, M62 1
GND  100X150mm  Soft 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 3
  Hard 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2  
  Reserve 0.9  
EzKlean Clean Tool Size Quantity 
HEPA Silicon Blower   1
Microfiber Wiper 9"x9" 10
Sensor Loupe   1
Close-Up Magnifer Black or Golden Color 1
Sensor Clean Brush B16, 16mm, 1.6X 1
Sensor Clean Brush B24, 24mm, 1.0X 1
Sensor Clean Brush B32, 1
K5 Clean Solution 5ml/bottle 36
Pouch   1



How to Order Free Deluxe All in One Kit

1) Order the Kit at the official online store and effect payment

2) Download the Ordering Form, choose the swabs, filters and clean tools needed, after filling out the form, send it to the info@ezklean.com

3) After confirming the order details and payment, EzKlean will deliver the order right now.

Available on official online store only!